Know the difference between asocial and antisocial

No time to write anything significant today so… They appreciated this on Facebook, so here it is for my blog readers too.

Lately I’ve seen lots of people confuse the meanings of asocial and antisocial, so allow me to explain… (“You” in my definitions below means an anonymous plural you, of people I’ll not name. It does not refer to everybody, nor does it refer to my readers here. OK?)

I’m asocial. I know that you are assholes, so I don’t hang out with you because you are assholes.

If I were antisocial, I’d hang out with you just so I could tell you that you are assholes.

Now you know.

Seriously, I have seen many examples lately where asocial was used although the writer’s intended meaning was that of antisocial. The easy way to remember is that “anti” means against. If you are anti something, you are against or opposed to it. Asocial just means that you aren’t fucking social, maybe because people are assholes. There’s nothing wrong with not being social. Being antisocial is when you take the time out to be a cunt in public, because you hate and are against being social. Get it? Got it? Good.

2 thoughts on “Know the difference between asocial and antisocial

  1. I like to read philosophical posts like this one. It’s interesting to follow your thoughts and learn how you come closer and closer to your conclusion(s).

    Normally it’s quite easy to follow your way of reasoning. It’s built upon logic.

    I suppose that’s why you are an atheist. They are usually vary rational people. And have a higher than average IQ.

    Don’t believe me? Check out .

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    1. Thanks. I’d heard of that study and seen there are lots of articles about it. The issue for me is, although atheists in general terms have higher IQ, over here in South Africa nearly everybody is religious. So someone like my brother, whose IQ is probably roughly the same as mine, not only has a high IQ, he has lots of friends who share his views. They don’t see through him, don’t see how narcissistic, malicious and vindictive he was to me… In the bad old days I was on drugs, but was not the bad guy, was not the worst influence on my son. I became an easy target for the narcissist…

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