THIS is what I’m up against

Sometimes all debating with apologists seems rather pointless, because no matter how well thought out, no matter how well stated, no matter how logical our arguments can be, we are faced with shit like this… This is about his fourth post on the same subject. One of his previous ones, asserted to be proof that Muslim corpses do not rot, contained a blurred photo of an “incorruptible foot” that he claims has not decomposed and has stuck out of a grave somewhere in Pakistan for hundreds of years.

This twat really demonstrates the delusional in “delusional believers”… Piss be upon you, and your idiot prophet.


Update: He was eventually booted from the group. Here is his response to the poll that sent him packing… Note that he simply repeats his claim, which is all he ever did, and called us “afraid” for disbelieving it. I still haven’t figured out if this was a troll or someone with a genuine fixation on dead bodies, with belief that “true Muslim” bodies do not decompose…

I haven’t checked if his other profile, from which he replied to his own post above (he posted with two fake profiles on the group) is still alive and fresh though…


6 thoughts on “THIS is what I’m up against

  1. Wow!!! I would ask; if the foot isn’t corrupted, is it still functional? At some point I would make my way to the brain matter and ask if we put this guy back together again would he be just like before he was destroyed? What would be the point of the dead guy not rotting away? Is it because he is just so “pure” or “holy” or some other contrivance. Do all holy/pure people not rot? Can we safely assume he is hell-bound if he rots upon death?

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    1. I forgot to mention that his previous posts mention “true Muslims” not rotting, and still bleeding after you cut them. And he ignored my and other requests that he go dig up his grandmother. But even if he did, I suppose he’d conclude that those aren’t “true” Muslims… or Scotsmen. 🙂

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    2. Aaaand he’s still at it, calling me and anyone else who doesn’t accept his “irrefutable proof” a retard or an idiot. he also claims that atheists are delusional. Needless to say, he did not produce anything that could be considered evidence.

      I do think this is a great example of magical thinking though… If you can believe in god despite no evidence, why not go a little further and believe in other weird shit like this too? And if you can claim that atheists are ignorant to doubt what you “know” is true, is this person’s thinking really that different to your average theist?


  2. Since religiosity can be viewed as a mental disorder (see for example this article: ), why not have a look at this Wikipedia article: ?

    And also remember that religiosity has many similarities to (partial) breakdown in rationality. See:

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