Sadness, nostalgia and forgetting Mother’s Day again

I don’t know why I always forget Mother’s Day. It’s just one of those things… This time, I remembered it on Saturday, then totally forgot by Sunday. It’s become a tradition in my apartment, that over weekends Josh and I get up a little late, and my mother makes us breakfast. Bacon and eggs on Saturdays, and just eggs on Sundays. She doesn’t make the eggs quite the way I like it, and her bacon is a little crispier than it should be, but it beats getting up half an hour earlier. This Sunday the proceedings were marred by both me and my son forgetting to wish her.

So I decided to make up for it by getting in my car and going to purchase a Mother’s Day gift. (Little white lie here… I decided to do that on Saturday already, I mean to leave it for Sunday. And actually I went to buy something else – the mother’s day gift was not the main priority.)

Recently my DVD player packed up… I mean it just stopped powering on. Since I watch movies on my hard drive plugged into my TV, and used the surround sound of the DVD system, it meant that all my series were ruined because I had to hear them in normal stereo. So my objective was to find either a decent (but not too expensive) surround sound system, or a Blu-ray system with surround sound similar to my old DVD system.

But going to the shop meant driving to Greenstone Mall. Both Josh and I hate going there these days… I used to take him and Aishah (his sister) there to an indoor trampoline park nearly every weekend. So going there now is a dreadful experience as both of us miss Aishah and get sad every time we drive there. I really do miss the little girl, who has now been in Cape Town with Megan for over a month. We still call every day, and every day Aishah tells me “We going to jump on trampoline” or “We going to buy bubble-gum”. (I used to buy her bubble-gum every time too.) She doesn’t understand that she is now far away from us. I don’t think of her all the time anymore, but I did for the first month that she was gone. But I do still think of her often, often enough that I am still in this weird state of being happy and sad all at the same time. And she will be turning three years old later this month.

Anyway, I parked at the other end of the mall so that we wouldn’t have to walk past the trampoline park. I ended up buying a Blu-ray system there, and a rechargeable back-warmer for my mother. (It’s similar to an electrically rechargeable hot water bottle.)

I then spent most of the day setting the new player up… Not that it takes long to set it up, but disconnecting the old speakers, moving furniture around, hammering the new wire saddles (is that what you call them?) into the skirting for the new speakers, and in one case extending one of the wires… that took hours.

I miss my old player a little… I’d purchased it for a price of in excess of R6000 back in 2010, and it worked well for a long time. The new system was a bit cheaper… R4100 for a LG Blu-ray system, but it is a good system. My stupid piece of shit TV (that I’ve written about before here and here) turns out not to have an optical audio output connector, and the new Blu-ray player doesn’t have a coaxial audio input (SP/DIF) so now I can’t get the TV sound on the surround sound system anyway. (The DVD player has both optical and SP/DIF in.) That’s highly ironic, since my main objective in buying a new system was to be able to hear the videos that I can already watch on the Android TV, in surround sound. Fortunately I can work around this for now by connecting my external drive to the USB input of the new player, but it can’t be left like that, since the front of the player must be flipped open to connect it. I must still find out of I can get a SP/DIF to optical converter cable.

On the bright side, spending so much of my time setting up the new system took my mind off of thinking about Josh’s little sister.

My apologies for this post being boring… On the bright side, it is good to be thinking of “first-world problems” like getting the most out of my surround sound system, rather than the shit that went through my head a few years ago in the throes of meth addiction.

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