More thoughts on my JVC LT-55n935 TV, which is really a “rebranded” Kogan TV

As mentioned in my last post, I’ve had plenty of issues with my “JVC” 55” smart TV, purchased directly from NuWorld.

After a few short minutes searching on the model number last night, I found many people who had similar issues to mine. And via two separate forum posts on totally different forums, it became clear that my JVC TV is not a JVC at all, but a rebranded Kogan TV.

Yes, I’d never heard of Kogan either. And the original Kogan formware has sorted out the issues with the TV, at least for now. You’ll have to read yesterday’s post for details, but the issues with the TV got worse over time, and it was basically unusable before I flashed it with the original Kogan firmware.

But here’s the real problems:

  1. I bought that particular TV because the brand name of JVC was pushed in my face. Actually I was at work and I sent Megan (my ex) and my mother to get it, simply trusting their choice. But that’s not the point. They were assured it was a good TV, a known brand with a good reputation.
  2. They would never have bought the TV if they knew it was a make that none of us had ever heard of.
  3. The salesperson at NuWorld, the sales manager here in Johannesburg by the name of Andre, arranged the sale personally. He must have been aware of both the rebrand and the known issues with this TV.
  4. When the issues came up with the TV months later (actually the slowing down of menu items and occasional errors started almost immediately) and Nuworld was called, this Andre jerk was unhelpful and rude over the phone. (“Who do you think you’re speaking to? I am the sales manager. We don’t sell directly to the public.”) That even though he arranged the sale himself, through my ex neighbour who used to own a restaurant in their business area. My neighbour was named Clive Govender.
  5. I have a copy of the letter from their repair agents, who suggested that the TV be replaced when I first complained about it. That never happened.

But what I really wonder is, is this kind of rebranding even legal? An unknown brand, at least in this country, was misrepresented as a known and popular brand. I can’t find any information about the rebranding online, apart from the forum posts, so it isn’t clear to me how others with the same problem even found out that their TVs were rebranded.

From my research online, Kogan only sells TVs via the internet, in Australia. Here is a scathing review of Kogan TVs published in Australia.

Update: Today I spoke to an acquaintance whose husband does the imports for one of the large retailers here, and it turns out that this rebranding is quite normal. So when you buy a TV here, if it isn’t one of the better-known brand names like Sony, Samsung or LG, it’s probably rebranded. So in a way I was lucky… I got an Australian TV and not something from China.

4 thoughts on “More thoughts on my JVC LT-55n935 TV, which is really a “rebranded” Kogan TV

  1. sorry to burst your bubble but the tv is re branded for Australia as well ,,,,, sadly sorry i have the same tv with the same issues plus more .

    have a look and konka tvs and you will be surprised have a look at the model numbers when you go in the factory menu and you will find that this tv is re-branded not only for sa and Australia


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    1. Mine is working fine for now, and I have kept the USB with the firmware on so I can flash it again if needed.

      I didn’t put all the issues in the post. I also had issues with marks on the screen, one such mark that was quite large only showed up the first time the TV was “repaired”. I had a half-moon shaped dark mark, almost like a stain, in the middle of the screen. The second time it was returned, there were two marks instead, but at least they’re on the side of the TV where they can hardly be seen. I am ever sorry I bought that TV, and it was a lot of money. Cheaper than what i would have paid in a major store, but still a lot of money.

      But at least it’s working for now. It had reached the point where it froze (or rebooted) all the time. I have a drive connected to the USB, on which all my downloads are stored. In the rare event that I got to the file manager, it would freeze for about two minutes on every directory change, and then sometimes hang or reboot if I tried playing a video.


  2. I bought a JVC LT-55N776 at Game in Somerset West. I was assured by the salesman that it was a genuine JVC however the quality does not seem to be there and the screen freezes. I cannot find anything online about this supposed JVC model television. If it is a Konka or Kogan TV then how legal is it to sell it as a JVC model which is a brand I have been buying since the 1980’s. Can I replace it if I have been conned into believing it was a JVC.

    enquiring minds want to know


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    1. Yes, it sucks. I didn’t know this was possible either. Yours isn’t the same model as mine, so I wouldn’t try flashing it with the same firmware, but hopefully you can find it somewhere.

      Mine stopped freezing when I flashed it. I keep that firmware on a USB drive close to the TV and flash it again every now and then when it acts up, but the TV has been fine for about 6 months now. Load shedding or unexpected power outages (and maybe power surges) seem to fuck it up more. So over time, it gets messed up and needs to be flashed again.

      Until the day that flashing it doesn’t work at all I suppose.


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