Never make the mistake of buying a JVC smart TV, model number JVC LT-55n935

Update: Flashing the TV with the Kogan firmware as per the instructions on the linked page worked perfectly. Now when it starts up, the Kogan logo is displayed instead of the JVC logo, but otherwise it is identical (minus the errors).

Of course, if I’d known that this was a rebranded Kogan TV, and not a JVC, I’d never have purchased it in the first place. But at least now it works properly.

About a year and a half ago, I bought my TV through Nuworld, organised by a neighbour who said he could get me a good price. (It was around R9000.) It was a huge mistake. I’ve had endless problems with the TV, that neighbour is long gone, and Nuworld are not helpful. I assume they know this TV has issues, as it isn’t difficult to find others online with identical problems.

It started with the TV freezing occasionally. Then it progressed to Android error messages being displayed modally on top of the screen, with helpful text such as “Unfortunately YouTube has stopped working” or “Unfortunately android.core.process has stopped working”. Hundreds of fucking error messages. But that isn’t even important anymore because now, most of the time the TV stops responding completely and I can’t even dismiss a single error message. Before it got to this point, it would restart all by itself, sometimes in a loop, and sometimes freeze on the startup screen.

It turns out that this is a rebranded Kogan TV. Tomorrow I’ll try flashing the TV with the firmware I found on this page. I need to buy a smaller USB drive first, one that I can format with FAT32, but I’m hoping it will work.

Nuworld “repaired” the TV twice while it was still under guarantee, so I’m assuming that all they did was flash it. This TV is junk. Don’t buy this model under any circumstances. But at least if flashing it works temporarily, I’ll keep the small drive with the TV firmware on it (and I can leave it in USB port 1 since I don’t normally use that port) and reflash the piece of shit every now and then.

I’ll update this post with the result, but I do have a strong feeling this will work. Otherwise I have one hell of a paperweight.

46 thoughts on “Never make the mistake of buying a JVC smart TV, model number JVC LT-55n935

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  2. DUDE !!!! I have the same tv same problems and even more that would take days to list all the issues with this damn tv the kogan firmware seems to do the trick for a short while but i have seemed to figure out what causes the software to crash .

    when ever there is a power failure or the power fluctuates is causes the firmware to become corrupt and then you need to reflash the firmware . Nu world has provided me with firmware before but that firmware does not hold for very long before corrupting.

    it seems that the kogan is the most stable and reliable one for now .

    Nuworld has provided me with some “new” firmware today so we will see what happens there.

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    1. I think your analysis sounds about right. Our power is not too stable here and there are regular spikes. I’ve only been running the kogan firmware for a few days, and so far so good. But the lqast couple of times when Nuworld flashed it, the problems started reappearing gradually.

      But I keep the USB with the firmware handly. Noting else to do but flash it again when needed. Unless the chip being flashed fucks up for good, I suppose.


  3. hi there, i have having the same issues with this tv and flushing it was the only hope.from the last power dip, it is not responding to the firmware . it sit on 2% for hours and does not progress at all. anyone out there who knows how to get it out of this state? please help.


  4. Thanks James. My problem is that when the Tv app is maximized, the sound is often distorted or no sound at all.
    Can this Kogan software solve the problem.


    1. The sound going was one of the many problems I had. Along with all the other things, the TV stopped responding to the volume controls on the remote. Flashing the TV fixed all the issues for me. But the underlying problem seems to be that the software gets corrupt after a few power dips (or spikes or cuts)… I have flashed my TV twice since then. When it starts messing around again, I just reflash it. I dread getting to the point where flashing it fails though… Note the comment from Allan above.


  5. Thank you very much for this tip. It is quite unfortunate that one fell for this. I’m a Nigerian who bought the TV from a popular online mall JUMIA. Thought is was a JVC TV, was glad because it was black Friday and they offered a very good discount. Until about a year later, it got stuck at smart TV and didn’t go further, online search brought me to this page. It’s sad that the TV is not a JVC brand. I will never buy a JVC TV anymore and will make sure my business never buys as well including all affiliated company. Would send the memo out.
    By the way, the Kogan firmware is not as clear as the firmware tat came with the rebranded TV. Is there a way around it?

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    1. It works exactly the same for me as the JVC firmware, apart from the logo on startup.

      I think you probably changed the picture settings. It can be set to standard, vivid, or dynamic, I think.

      When you flash the TV, it resets everything. So after I flash mine (and I just did so again last weekend), I had to autotune the TV channels, change the aspect ratio of the TV picture to 4:3, change the auto-3D setting so that it plays my 3D blu-rays properly, and change the aspect ratio of the built in media player to “scaled zoom”; otherwise it stretches all videos it plays off my hard drive to 16:9 when using the default settings. I have to change all those things every time, which is a pain, but it’s better than a TV that just stops working.

      And I also feel cheated, having fallen for this. It sucks.


  6. Good morning, please where can I download the firmware of JVC Model no. LT-47N935 and the step to flash it. Please help me @all, I need a fast response. Thanks


    1. I only found the firmware for my one because it was mentioned in a few forums. Your best bet is to go back to wherever you bought it… (Or their section or company that deals with issues – half the time all they do is flash the TV anyway and then give it back.) They should be able to give you the JVC firmware. It’s exactly the same except for branding… I have flashed mine several times by now, and do it every month or two because my TV works for a while and then gradually starts fucking up again. It’s a pity because otherwise it is a perfectly functional TV, even for 3D.


      1. Thanks Mr Jerome for your prompt response, I bought the tv from online mall Konga during black friday here in Nigeria.I was told that I’m going to buy another board when I called their Engineer on phone, mean while the TV only stock at loading when it’s on and it’s not responding with the remote. Saw 47 inches here, don’t know may be I should go a head to flash it. Thanks

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  7. hi Jerome, I too have now got the dreaded “Unfortunately android.core.process has stopped working” message on my JVC LT-55NU42. I came across this site while searching for fixes as the official JVC site does not even have this model. Please can you share the firmware or guide me to a site to get it so i can Flash it.
    My email is

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    1. Hi. I see your model number is different to mine, so I don’t recommend you use the same firmware. I found it by luck after entering the model number into Google.

      I bought mine from Nu-World, who happen to be less than 15 minutes drive from where I live, but they do have a website and you can get the contact details there. I’m pretty sure that they have the JVC firmware. You should try getting it from them – I’m also fairly certain that when they “repair” these TVs, all they do is reflash them with the JVC firmware.


      1. Thanks, I’ve asked them for it and it will apparently take a few days.

        Btw, I also got mine for NuWorld direct.

        Was the flash process straight forward?



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        1. It was fairly easy… In my case, it has to be a FAT32 format USB, and has to go into USB port 1, which is the bottom one.

          Then I have to power off the TV at the switch, and I think press volume up on the remote repeatedly while powering it back on. Then volume up a few more times and it displays a menu showing the firmware update progress, which takes a couple of minutes.

          Then just set all the settings as I have them, tune the TV channels again, and set auto-3D on again so it can detect 3D blu-rays.

          I don’t know if that process changes between models, so maybe ask them what exactly the process is, but I think it will probably be similar.


  8. Please I’m getting a init USB fail when trying to upgrade mine. It is the same TV as yours.

    Any hint please.


  9. Friends having the same problem with my own jvc smart TV 47′ haw may you help I don’t even know how to get the firmware, and even haw to use it please!


  10. Hi. I’m from Mauritius and bought a JVC android tv model: LT-49N940 in end 2014. this tv has never been working as i hoped it should. i always have issues with browsing, sometimes it freezes, restarts and i often receive messages mentioning this or that has unfortunately stopped. I’m quite deceived to learn that this is not a real JVC tv. Could someone help how to sort it out???


    1. Hi. It’s not the same one as mine. Your best bet is to find the service agents for the people you bought it from, and try to get a firmware version for it – then flash it like I do.

      Mine works for a few months and then starts giving problems again. I flashed it just last week because it was freezing and rebooting by itself all the time again.


  11. Thanks Jerome. I too bought the JVC LT42N935 at Nuworld and now experienced the screen frozen after start up. Used the link you provided and when it started the download to the TV it stopped at 24%. I realised that when I downloaded the firmware from the link it did not download completely to 587 mb (or what ever it is). Then the firmware worked perfectly.
    Thank you once again

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    1. You’re welcome. I flashed mine again last month. It’s never gotten as bad as it did the first time – that time it was giving cascading Android error messages, freezing most of the time, and going into loops rebooting itself. But at the first sign of the random freezing or error messages I just flash it again.


  12. Jerome, can you help me? I’m trying to do the procedures you listed, but I can’t manage to flash the TV.

    My tv has just become useless -> staying on the Smart TV “loading….” for very long, then going dark.

    When I hold the volume up in the remote and turn the master switch back on, the TV will just stay off with the led emitting red light. If I keep holding the volume up button and press the manual power button in the other side of the TV, the led will go green, the TV will go on, but the same thing will happen: staying on the Smart TV “loading….” for very long, then going dark.


    1. Mine flashed fine, when I click the power button first, then hit volume down until the menu comes on, where it says it is loading the software. After flashing, it does take longer than normal for the first boot.

      Also make sure the USB drive is formatted with Fat32, not NTFS. It can only read NTFS once the OS has loaded, but natively reads Fat32, which is why it has to be that format, in USB slot 1, or else it can’t update. Also there must be nothing else on the drive besides the firmware.


      1. You mean, you:
        1) turned off power switch
        2) plugged pendrive
        3) started holding volume up
        4) turned power switch backon
        5) turned the tv on in the physical power button
        6) kept holding the volume up forever while the SMART TV LOADING went on

        Is that it?


        1. JEROME. Thank you for your advise, Please can you assist me with your own JVC software or link to upgrade mine, Mine on software is showing failed. Though it worked before.


          1. Sorry Daniel, but I have given all the info I have. I can’t help more than that. You’ll need to speak to the dealers where you bought your TV. Good luck.


  13. Hi.
    I having problem with LT-55KB675 I can’t update the version of the pre installed Netflix app it say that isn’t compatible with the device


  14. I have the very same problem with my TV, the supplier say i must change the motherboard, i feel this is not motherboard related, however i tried installing the firmware, the TV just continue to run on a loop to SMART TV display continuously. I have TL-55N745QA


  15. Hi Jerome

    Flashing worked for me a few years back and i seem to have minimal issues regarding playback. My issue is however, newer file types that don’t play with the current codecs, has there been newer updates for this model?

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    1. I wish I could tell you more, but I really just wrote this in frustration a few years ago because of the issues I had with the TV.

      As for playing videos, it worked well for me with my old DVD player which had a coax input, so I could use the TV video player and still get surround sound.

      A year and a bit ago I bought a LG BLuRay player, and this one does not have a coaxial input, so I don’t use the TV’s built in video player any more. I have an HDMI cable from the BR to the TV, and plug my external drive into the USB port of the BR player. (Then I have to turn the TV volume off or I get this odd echo because there seems to be a delay between the BluRay player sound and TV sound.) And even then, I sometimes have issues… namely that some new series are in x265 format, and my player does not know how to play that. I use ffmpeg or a converter I downloaded via torrent, or AvcFree, to convert to x264. But sorry, I haven’t used the TV’s video player for a long time.


    2. So if you find anything, let me know. I’m pretty sure this is the original firmware I’m using, and it is mostly OK.

      It’s not a bad TV, except I still have to flash it now and then. We’ve had lots of power failures recently, and that seems to muck up the TV quickly. Without power surges and outages, it lasts for ages with no problems.

      Otherwise, the TV works well enough, plays 3D BRays just fine, and is even fine for the XBox.


  16. Hey Jerome, I did an update on my tv, but used a USB which had some apk files, whilst doing the firmware update my tv froze and started flashing colours, till now it has not stopped, any ideas will be much appreciated, am in cape town by the way


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