Valid until 28-10-20

I think it’s time for a light-hearted blog post. It won’t dampen my serious mood but not everything is negative… It’s also not particularly interesting, but I think it’s amusing and cool for me…

I work in an office tower located in a shopping mall – Bedford Centre:


Anyway, I work for a small company, and up until recently only three of us drove there, and thus needed parking spaces. So we had three parking cards – they’re prepaid cards to a designated parking lot, situated underground on the opposite side to the KFC visible in that photo.

I generally get to work the earliest, and a couple of months ago, some renovation was going on where we have to park. So on arrival, at around 6:45AM, I was handed a different parking card, and told I had to park on the other side temporarily… You can’t see it, but the entrance is out of shot on that photo, in front of KFC, into a parking level below it. It worked out that I was the only one in the office who had to park away from the normal designated parking… My boss was out of the country and the other developer was on leave.

It was only supposed to be for a few days, but I’m still parking there. The normal parking cards are prepaid, and the boss pays for them, but not mine. But when I swipe it, it does display the “valid until” date, which I finally checked, and the date is the 28th of October 2020.

So apparently they happily gave me a card that was supposed to be temporary, but valid for five years. As far as I know, nobody is paying for this card. And it’s not a bad shopping mall as well, where I can park for free for some time to come. And as for work days, its a shorter walk to the office from where I’m parking.

How cool is that? I wonder how many of these types of screw-ups happen…

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