Old blog redirect expires soon

I see the redirect from the old blog to this one expires soon – on May 4th 2016. (Old blog was recoveredmethaddict.wordpress.com.)

I’m in two minds whether or not to renew the redirect for another year. It costs $13 to do so. That doesn’t sound like much, but I earn money in South African Rands, which are worth much less than they used to be. Does anyone still read this via the old blog URL? I hope not…

My feeling is that I have mostly new readers here, and a few from the old blog. Just glancing at the stats, there were 61 views yesterday, and a few days when it peaked at a larger number, but that’s about average. Still not as much as the old blog after a year or so of this one being up.

It’s ironic… Although the last two years or so of content at the old blog were written while I was clean, I can’t seem to get my writing to be quite as popular as it was while written under the influence of methamphetamine. Oh, I’ve had some popular posts, but nothing quite like the success I had from the meth-fuelled rants. I just don’t have that destructive irreverence and insane motivation anymore. That makes me a little sad. Or maybe I’m reading too much into this, and the popularity of the old blog was due more to its longevity than anything else?

(Apart from a time around 2011 when I used so much that I was confused most of the time and would lose track of thought while writing – leading to paragraphs that introduced thoughts that went nowhere, such that the writing didn’t “flow”, meth actually led to some decent writing for me. It gave me an edge and produced writing that was more captivating, I think, than what I write these days. It’s not something I’m proud of and is one of many reasons I discontinued that blog. My admission of when I really cleaned up – 4th September 2013 – also revealed implicitly that I wrote some content while using meth. And that I wrote any content under the influence could be perceived as encouragement or condonement of others using meth. This one will never contain anything written under the influence of any kind of drug or alcohol… Not counting medically prescribed hypertension medication and any potential use of cold medication in future; of course I mean illicit and addictive drugs.)

So I’ll make up my mind at the end of April, but I’ll probably not bother to renew the redirect, which means all links to the old blog that get here will stop working.

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