The most convoluted and stupid spam comment I’ve seen so far

I found this comment (in the spam folder) of my other blog:

Why can’t kids separated only by one birth year play the other.
Within the ADM system can be a methodical process
for Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD). How to make a girl squirt Do cease surprised
if such pairings make a hyper active child.

London’s hands-on demonstrations were stimulating on several unique levels.
If she’s around along with love along with you, she’ll actively block the option for the night with Isabella and is
going to be furious when you do it anyway.

Gee, did you spot it? It’s on line three: How to make a girl squirt.

The idiot’s name links to a live stream page, and if you click through to “More info”, you can then click the link and find out how to make a girl squirt. I really don’t get it… I mean, unlike the “SEO tools” links often spammed into blog comments, these idiots actually do appear to be trying to sell some sort of product for girls who have trouble with their orgasms… I won’t link to them, but I did have a good chuckle… They’ve even managed to hide their actual product on their own stupid site. Finding it is like being a nervous thirteen year old guy trying to find a clitoris while pretending he’s done so before. Where did you say it was again?

They went to so much trouble to make their link to an adult product difficult to find (presumably so that you don’t notice that the comment is spam), that in the process they included three links in their fake user name, which triggered the blog’s spam filter anyway. (So the comment got mislaid; it fell between the cracks, just like that elusive clit.) And then hid their product on their own site, so you can’t find it if you do somehow finger their page. Morons. They live.

(Pardon the puns… Last time I complained about people who write puns that aren’t puns, without writing any myself. I figured I should make up for it.) This is not today’s proper post… The serious one, which doesn’t contain any puns, is scheduled to be published an hour after this one…

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