The exodus never happened?

No time to write but I will share this…

I have read a lot of articles lately that state that the Jews were never slaves in Egypt (and the pyramids were built by paid workers, not slaves anyway) and thus the Exodus never happened. The argument that archaeological evidence for the Israelites’ enslavement should exist, but none does, seems compelling to me, though I am not an expert in any sense. This would mean that the exodus, the passover, all of it never happened at all. One of those articles is here.

Anyway, I tried to explain this to my mother last night, and it resulted in a huge argument. I should have known better. When you get to a certain age, threats to your beliefs are unwelcome, it seems…

Anyway, I do not know enough to form much of an opinion on whether the exodus happened or not, but knowing the truth would be interesting. I have no emotional investment in what the answer may be, but the truth seems more important to me. It seems that such things wouldn’t have been written if there wasn’t something behind the myths, but what is that something? Maybe there were common migration myths that somehow joined together? Maybe those texts were simply a means of controlling people?

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