I’m back

I took a few days leave from work so that I could spend some quality time with my son for a long New Year’s weekend. Now it’s back to normal for me, although he still has a few more days holiday from school. I just had my first day back at work, although you will probably only read this during my second day back. I have one short topic for today… (Edit: I had two, but decided to remove the second one.)

Happy New Year

I wish all my family, friends, readers and enemies a happy and prosperous new year… If you have any New Year’s resolutions, I hope you can stick to them. I don’t have any, because I don’t believe in that… (I used to have them anyway, but could never stick to them.)

This is going to be a great year for me. My son was released from foster care and placed back with me on 15th December 2015, so 2016 will be the first year that everything is as it should be, in my life and in his. This first few weeks has been a major adjustment for both of us, and things aren’t “normal” yet because he happens to be on school holiday until next week, but all is well, and I am looking forward to the rest of the year. This is a huge contrast to the old days when, in my drug-fuelled haze, the start of a new year was just another day.

Earlier this week I also reached two years and four months clean, which means that later this year I will reach my three year milestone. That’s a huge personal achievement that will mean a lot to me, because three years will be longer than the duration of my last time in active use. (The last time in active use. There won’t be another one. I don’t do “just for today”. This is for keeps.)


About Jerome

I am a senior C# developer in Johannesburg, South Africa. I am also a recovering addict, who spent nearly eight years using methamphetamine. I write on my recovery blog about my lessons learned and sometimes give advice to others who have made similar mistakes, often from my viewpoint as an atheist, and I also write some C# programming articles on my programming blog.
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