Contrived inspiration is contrived

Just a meme today…

Somebody shared this “inspirational” meme, and I couldn’t help but reshare it with my own sarcastic comment, one that intends to show how contrived and meaningless these types of messages really are.

And the first to ask, “Who farted?”, is he who farted…


Seriously, annotating bullshit with “True story” doesn’t make it less bullshit.

  • Apologizing is a good thing. In what context does it matter to apologize first?
  • Forgiveness may make you strong, but not always wise. It can lead to tragedy.
  • The first to forget? The happiest? Ignorance is bliss.

One thought on “Contrived inspiration is contrived

  1. A Facebook friend reminded me that the message in those motivational messages is about spreading positivity, not about truth, and that I shouldn’t be so cynical about everything. It would do me good to see the positive in things.

    He has a point, I suppose. Yet I can’t help my response to things like the motivational message in question. Positivity is one thing, but when it comes in the absence of truth, it just doesn’t feel right to me. So whenever I see such statements (sometimes mixed with Barnum statements), I can’t help calling bullshit. Why can’t motivational statements be actual truths? I’d rather read something profound that makes me think than read copy-and-pasted pseudoprofound bullshit…


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