I’ll say it again: Don’t give money to beggars!

That fool that I wrote about last time has returned to the group, again complaining that atheists are arseholes and are not compassionate because we didn’t give him money. His arrogance insults me! If someone begs from you, and you refuse to give them money, what right do they have to be angry? So this time I’ll spell it out…

When somebody begs from you, and tries to make you feel pity or compassion for them, it’s a scam. It’s always a scam. In fact, they are attempting to manipulate you using a logical fallacy: The appeal to emotion. Specifically, it’s an appeal to pity.

The man posted photos of his bank statement. His balance is 2 Euro’s… Boo-fucking-hoo! Here’s what my cheque account looks like right now:


  • Balance: R -26,576.35 (Negative)
  • Available balance: R -576.35 (Also negative. So my account is beyond its overdraft limit.)

Am I asking people for money? No! Will I? No.

Don’t pity me. I have over a thousand Rand in my wallet, cash. I also have another credit card with a different bank. (Only for emergencies.) I paid all my expenses at the beginning of the month. Unfortunately, that’s what my finances look like at this time of the month, and when my salary comes through at month’s end, my actual balance will be relatively close to zero. (But available will be much higher.) But I’m coping… I’m doing OK, and it is slowly getting better.

OK, it’s depressing. My available balance will be over thirty thousand, on pay-day only. Then it will plummet as I pay the expenses. But I pay them all and still have a few thousand to put in my other credit card, and a couple of thousand cash for the month. It’s depressing watching the balance drop from over thirty thousand to zero by the fifteenth, it’s more depressing when that last debit order (to pay my “credit card legal” account) is forced through to take my account beyond the limit, and it’s double-depressing when I think of what the real balance is, taking my overdraft into consideration. I could also post pictures like that scumbag, and beg for money, but I don’t, and I won’t. (Except for the picture here. But that’s different, to make a point. I don’t want your money.)

(Oh, and I have just been upgraded to FNB private banking this week… I’m guessing they must have dropped the requirements.)

Come to think of it, I can not imagine how I used to afford my drugs in the past. All my money is used every month now, and the cash that I have is for important things… like Burger King every Saturday and superhero T-shirts for me and my son. Fuck drugs…

It was much worse before. In 2009, I lost everything. In 2011, it nearly happened again. For a month, I had no job, and still had to pay my rent, and my car, had to buy food, pay the electricity and so on, and take care of my mother besides myself. Did I ask for money then? No!

I got off my arse, and I found myself another job. (I didn’t stop using drugs straight away, and I am ashamed of that, but I did eventually stop.)

The point is, as bad as my situation was, I never begged, neither in person nor from strangers online. My situation was my own fault, and it was my responsibility to do something about it, which I did.

I have zero respect for anybody who begs. You shouldn’t have any either.


About Jerome

I am a senior C# developer in Johannesburg, South Africa. I am also a recovering addict, who spent nearly eight years using methamphetamine. I write on my recovery blog about my lessons learned and sometimes give advice to others who have made similar mistakes, often from my viewpoint as an atheist, and I also write some C# programming articles on my programming blog.
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