Is this where you get your morals? (Methods of murdering children according to the Bible)

I don’t normally write much on Sundays… This is the day I spend with my son. I only pick him up around 11AM, but since I can’t sleep late in the unpleasant heat of this clammy Johannesburg climate, here goes…


Note that they missed one that I know of: Psalm 137:9 – Smash them against the rocks!

Full disclosure: I have not read the buybull for 25 years, when I was conscripted to waste a year of my life in the apartheid white South African army, and the parish priest recommended the book of James, so that was all I read. Thus I can be accused of that old doozy: Taking the verses out of context.

Question: In what context is it ever acceptable to be killing children?
Answer: None!

So I don’t care for the context. In any case, Christians often like to accuse anyone pointing out the bullshit in their holy book of twisting the context, yet those same Christians like to have their cosy little Bible study groups where they get together and read whatever nonsense they find appealing into their holy book. The fact is that these verses, as unpleasant as they are, do exist, and no context can excuse them. If you can find your morals by cherry picking the good bits and reading your bullshit into them, then why not read the other bits? Why not see the Bible for what it really is?

We learn our morals when we are brought up, mostly from our parents or other primary care-givers, and then from society in general. We learn our morals the same way we learn how to behave – what is acceptable and what isn’t – in our youth and probably mostly in our schools. That’s why morals and social norms differ between cultures; they even differ between groups of the same religion but are common to people of the same geographical region. Then if we are religious, we cherry-pick bits of our holy books that conform to our existing beliefs, and claim we got those morals from our god (while ignoring everything in our holy books that do not conform to our beliefs. Acknowledging them would be inconvenient). Note that the religious apologist argument that our morals come from god is a fallacious one known as an argument from morality.

5 thoughts on “Is this where you get your morals? (Methods of murdering children according to the Bible)

  1. To a “Christian”, as such, the primary source of ethical guidance would be the reported words and actions of Jesus, available only in the four books of the New Testament known as the “Gospels”. If one takes the time to engage in a close reading of those words, they will note that regarding human relations, the dominant theme can be summed up in the injunctions to do unto others as you would have done unto you, and to love your neighbor as yourself.

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    1. A good point, but regardless, that leaves us with the dilemma that the same god used to kill and curse so much in the old testament, and changed his ways in the new testament. What a psychotic creature that must be!

      And the alleged words of Jesus also tell us: Matthew 5:17
      Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.


  2. This is when it would be helpful to be familiar with Greek (I obviously am not) so as to get a sense of what the word translated as “fulfill” conveys. Incidentally, as to the author’s Gospel references at the top of the post:
    Matt.18:6 The reference to drowning with a millstone is not directed at children, but rather at those who would dare to offend (hurt) a child.
    Matt.19:29 This is frequently interpreted as referencing those who choose not to marry or to seek material wealth in a conventional manner but rather choose to make following Jesus their primary focus.

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    1. I’m not familiar with it either.
      A FB friend of a friend took offense to my post, and claimed that Jesus undid all the harm of the old testament. It’s a fine example of cognitive dissonance, I think. That was the only example that came to mind, but the main point is that Jesus quoted from the old testament all the time, which invalidates her cherry picking of NT verses that suit her narrow view.


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