A public speaking opportunity. Should I accept?

I’m breaking my rule of not blogging at work, but I think in this case, and for this short entry I can make an exception. (I’m writing it at lunch time and will only allow myself a few minutes to do so.)

I just received a call from the social worker, at Gauteng Social Development, who is handling my son’s case. They are having a function on October 30th and would like me to speak about how it feels to be reunited with my child.

Firstly, I don’t know if I can get time off work. Secondly, I know we will be reunited in December, but since I never trust anything to be as it seems until it actually happens, I feel like this is jumping the gun a little.

And thirdly, I don’t know how I’ll do at public speaking. Writing is one thing, but speaking, that’s completely different. I feel it may be inspiring to others, assuming that addiction as the reason for the removal of a child is common, so this story of success could possibly inspire other parents there, but… Last time I went to one of their functions, it was all very religious and involved some praying. If I speak about addiction, I will probably have to hold back on my criticism of 12-step programs, and mentioning my non-belief might be an issue.

But still, it’s an interesting opportunity. I have until tomorrow to let them know if I will accept the offer, but I have no idea if I will. I think I probably won’t do it, but should I change my mind, it would make sense to publish the transcript here. (And if I do it, my speech will be very brief.)

(There… not too bad. This took about nine minutes to write, including a couple to find the right URL for their website.)

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