Online payments not allowed for this municipality?

The other day I got a traffic fine… For not stopping at a stop sign where the side-road is closed. In other words, the brave traffic cop, a woman about the size of everyone in my family glued together, sits there all day busting people who don’t stop at a stop sign where it is unnecessary to stop. Aint life fucking wonderful?

What a sense of purpose she must have! And by the way, the road is only closed from 8AM to 5PM, and weekends. I left early that day to collect my son, then I slowed down to almost zero, slowly observed that the side road was indeed closed and that there was no oncoming traffic, and continued. I think I can say with confidence that I did nothing wrong. I’ve demonstrated where it happened to both my son and my mother. The conversation went something like this: “This is the stop sign where I was pulled over for not stopping. This is me not stopping again.”

Anyway, she did find that my driver’s license had expired. I hadn’t noticed and I must still renew it. So I did get a R500 fine, though not for the non-offense that she stopped me for.

So I received an SMS, threatening that if I don’t pay the fine, a warrant of arrest will be issued. But also informing me that I can pay it online at

So I register on that site and get this:


Fucking brilliant. Why inform me that I can pay it online if that is not an option? Idiots. They’re everywhere.

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