Living in a world of idiots is annoying

As of tomorrow night, my son will be with me for a week – a short school holiday. That means I probably won’t do any writing because he takes up all my time, making writing in the evenings quite impossible. I’m not sure when I’ll find time to write when he’s back with me for good from the year’s end, but it’s not something I’m thinking about just yet. So this evening I’ve been idling around, playing games and then reading random pages and watching random videos. But I don’t get pop culture… It annoys me – it almost nauseates me.

Why is it that so many sites I visit, so much pop culture, features “news” about the fucking Kardashians or the Jenners? Why? I’ll tell you why… It’s because people in general are stupid. We are surrounded by marketing for the masses, and the masses are mostly morons.

It’s sad, you know. Sad that even my ex, who lives here in South Africa, should care about what Kim Kardashian is wearing. It’s sad that youngsters actually thought it was sexy to puff up their lips like fucking guppies.

And then there’s music. Men like Kanye West, who can’t sing at all but require massive amounts of electronic enhancements to their voices to the point where they sound like zombie robots, can be celebrities. We live in a world where morons put other morons on pedestals, and make them filthy rich though they have done nothing to deserve it.

Why is an artist like Taylor Swift so insanely successful? She’s kind of pretty, almost, but her voice is flat and her lyrics have all the depth of an average toilet bowl. There’s nothing remarkable about her. She oozes the ordinary. Yet she’s idolized by idiots everywhere.

I must admit, I like Ariana Grande, which is kind of weird for an ex goth… but she is sexy as fuck (plus of course she does sing exceptionally well – the lyrics are not terribly deep, but with such a beautiful voice, that doesn’t really matter). But the rest… urgh. Why must the mass-produced pop culture be so fucking annoying?

Update… I don’t have time to write a full post, but realized after writing this last one that I omitted one of the key points that inspired me to write it in the first place. It’s more a pet peeve than anything else, but also something that I assume to be a sign of common stupidity, or at the very least a lack of learned knowledge despite years of experience.

Where I work, it’s an “office tower” in a shopping mall. There are six elevators, three on each side of a short passage. Often, one or two are out of order, and that’s annoying enough, but not as annoying as one of the most common behaviours I’ve seen with people waiting for the lift…

You press the Up button on either side, and then wait for an elevator to be available. But it’s what happens next that pisses me off:

  1. If you are an intelligent adult, your years of experience with catching elevators should have given you ample time to learn that you first wait for the people who just came down on the elevator to disembark, rather than blindly rush in as the doors slide open.
  2. On the other hand, if you’re a fucking moron, you’ll just blindly walk in without giving anyone a chance to walk out, and then be oblivious to the stares of the people who now have to walk around you.

Of course the latter is more common, because people really are generally stupid. It’s different if a child does it, because children still have to learn, but when an adult does that, it drives me crazy… And these idiots don’t know how lucky they are… When I was younger and less patient, in situations such as these my tactic was quite different to what it is now… What I’d do as they walked into the elevator before I could get out is, simply bend my arms so my hands were on my chest, then stick out my elbows while pretending to look in the other direction, and smash them out of my way.

(It was a tactic that worked well. I’m not a big guy, but I could leg press well over 270kg when I was younger, so bending my legs at just the right angle would give me the leverage to smash just about anybody off their feet, regardless of their size, gender or age.) Of course I don’t do that anymore. Now I just give them the same disapproving stares as everyone else, and might be tempted to inform them how stupid they are one day, but that day has not yet come.

2 thoughts on “Living in a world of idiots is annoying

  1. Hi Jerome,

    I can only say get use to it. The situation gets worse with each passing year as the education systems of the western world continue to “dumb-down” each generation. I was in my fifties before I realized that most people in the world are idiots. The only trouble is, they don’t realize they are idiots.

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    1. Unfortunately I was in my early twenties, when conscription here forced me to do “national service” which was a year in the old apartheid army… and it was there that I realized that nearly all my companions were idiots.

      Edit: Correction… I was 19 when I did my national service. And I really do mean that nearly everyone there were idiots. That includes not only the others doing national service, but the officers too. In fact, I did not meet one officer who was not an alcoholic as well. Don’t know if this is common in all armies.

      It’s something that I forgot about though… I work in companies where everybody is quite bright, and I’m not exposed to the morons all the time. Then every now and then it kind of jumps out at me…

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