9 Responses to No luck logging into Facebook

  1. Same problem here. Seems to be widespread starting about 4 days ago. I hope they fix this very soon!

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    • Jerome says:

      I still have the problem. Very annoying but I still can’t get in.


      • Ihavethisshittoo says:

        Randomly found this page while googling for a solution. IOW, I have the same problem as of today. I can’t log in on any browser on any computer. My gf has no problem accessing her Facebook on her laptop, but when I try to access mine on her laptop, I get the same-old blank page.

        It works fine on my phone though. Have tried several fixes, but after some googling I’m left with just waiting it out. I see people saying it randomly fixed itself for them after a few days or weeks. So I guess I just have to see how long it takes.

        One thing I did notice though, is that earlier today – before the blank page appeared – I was logged in to Facebook, but the blue navigation bar on the top of the page was missing. I tried googling for solutions, but didn’t find anything noteworthy. After an hour or two, when refreshing my Facebook tab, I got a blank page. And that’s all I’ve gotten since.

        So I think there might be some sort of GUI issue connected to my profile, that makes it impossible for me to view it in any browser. I’m no tech guru, but that’s the only thing I can think of that makes sense. Until it gets magically fixed, I just have to use my phone for Facebook. Even if you’re able to contact Facebook (which in itself isn’t an easy task), it’s doubtful you’ll ever get a reply. I’m not even going to bother trying. Luckily I’m not dependant on Facebook, so it’s not a really big deal. Just terribly frustrating when there’s no solution.

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        • Jerome says:

          I eventually did report my issue to facebook. Since my browser saves my credentials, I had to clear them, then Google “How to report a login problem to facebook”, and that allowed me to fill in a form and report it. I included my username and a short description – that the problem was common to all browsers on all computers.

          I received no feedback from them, but the problem went away after 10 days.

          Good luck.


          • Ihavethisshittoo says:

            I reported the problem to Facebook the same way you described. Didn’t receive any reply, but now the issue has been resolved.

            I suggest anyone experiencing the same problem try the same method. Considering how many users Facebook have, it’s unrealistic to expect replies – but chances are they at least read it, and I suspect that’s what happened in my case.

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            • Jerome says:

              I think so too. Probably something that was corrupt in their database for my profile, which got synced to all their dB’s and caused FB to serve junk HTML. (For me, the first time the problem happened intermittently. Then the day after it happened all the time.) So it had to be fixed manually from their side. Or they have some sort of process that finds that sort of thing and fixes it, but it takes time. But definitely reporting it seemed to make a difference.


  2. _ Antibios says:

    Same problem for me as of about 3 days ago. I can still access everything fine through the iOS and android apps but the sites do not load on any of the devices I have tried. The closest I can get to my profile is going to this url:

    This gives you your blank page but with messaging available.

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