What you sound like on meth

The other day I wrote about some nasty lesser-known side-effects of meth. Those effects are common, so common we take them for granted and get used to living with them every day; and then forget about them. But there are a couple more that I forgot about. I’m not going to create headings for these but will just describe them briefly.

  1. Lock-jaw and teeth-grinding. On meth, we are overly tense. This applies to being unable to relax a whole bunch of muscles, especially those in the jaw. There was a video a couple of years ago, I think Enemies of Reason, that featured Richard Dawkins interviewing a famous preacher (whose name I also forget) just before that preacher’s fall from grace. It was clearly evident that the preacher was under the influence of amphetamine, due to his facial expression which was contorted into a permanent false grin, and his glassy eyes. At the time I thought it was my imagination, but later I read reports confirming my suspicions.
  2. Your voice takes on a really strange, comical tone when you’re high on meth. Sometimes you speak in a slightly high pitch, and you pronounce words strangely, not quite slurring like a drunk person, but drawling, dragging out the vowels and speaking either too fast, if you’ve just a had a few hits of meth, or too slow, if you’ve been awake for too many days. I’m not sure what the cause is exactly, but maybe it’s a combination of tensed jaw muscles, dry mouth and dry tongue, and sleep deprivation.

I watched this video by Danger Dolan recently. I like his videos. He’s a funny guy, who is witty and makes amusing observations about all sorts of things. But his voice sounds more than a little off here. (And it’s not just the Australian accent.) I’m not saying that Dolan uses drugs, or specifically that he’s high on meth, because I don’t know. But I do know that this is what I, and many other people I heard, sounded like when we were high on meth. And if you watch the video on YouTube, then scroll down to the comments, I’m not the only one who thinks he sounds off here.

Update: The preacher who fell from grace was Ted Haggard. (Please read that rational wiki page. It’s hilarious.) Here’s the video when Dawkins interviews him. (Look at his face. He’s high on meth throughout the segment.)

3 thoughts on “What you sound like on meth

    1. I love Dolan’s videos. He’s witty, clever, entertaining and funny. But he sounds very high here.

      Oh, and I updated the post with another video, the one where Dawkins interviews Ted Haggard, the preacher I was thinking of. Haggard was a creepy looking guy, and you can see that he is high, especially in the close-ups. When I originally saw the video, I thought I was projecting my own experiences onto him, because after a few years where every aspect of my life involved meth, I tended to see it everywhere. Then I read that article about him, which I found by accident.


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