An example of a stupid meme

Nothing much to say today… I’ve had a good weekend, and enjoyed my day off today. (As usual I don’t know what public holiday it is here, but I’m always happy to get a day off.)

Edit: Apparently today was Women’s Day here in South Africa. Oh dear. I’m sorry to anyone I offended, but in my view every holiday is “National I don’t have to go to work today” day.

I had a look at Facebook earlier, and as much as I appreciate a good meme if it’s cleverly written, I take offense to the bad ones. Thus I had to comment. Checked back now and I see my comments were appreciated. So I had to take a screenshot. What follows is an example of how some theists are incapable of any kind of common sense. (Actually it’s typical of the arguments I see regularly.)

Names are blurred out because this is from a closed group…


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