Your career suffers when you use drugs

The previous post, which contains source code that many readers can’t understand, was a follow-up to this post where I responded to a couple of search strings that brought readers here; one of which asked about your career while using meth.

It occurred to me that I have shared source code before, and that code was (mostly) good. Thus the reason for the last post was to demonstrate that I also wrote some really bad code. But that wasn’t the end of it… there is no history of my worst code because it was so bad, it didn’t even compile.

If you find yourself in the situation where you ask if it is possible that you can still have a good career while using drugs, you are in some really deep shit. It means that you have a problem, and you know you have a problem, but you do not want to stop using drugs.

This backs up what I’ve been saying for years: Addiction is not a disease, it is a choice. You don’t continue using because of any disease, you continue using because you want to. And if you do that despite all kind of bad things happening, you deserve what you get. However, the other people in your life do not deserve it. (And besides the fact that the drugs were not giving me anything good anymore, that was the motivation for me to quit – the other people in my life. I stopped for them, not for me.)

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