On anti-white racism in South Africa

A friend sent me a link to this article: Six things white people have that black people don’t

Urgh. It starts off well enough, noting that the wounds and legacy of apartheid will take a long time to heal… No, I lie. It doesn’t. It starts out noting that the effects of apartheid are still felt by black people, and then goes downhill from there. The whole article is generalization about white people; what they talk about when alone, what they have, what they think about and so on.

It starts out speculative and then resorts to assumptions. Like this one from the Social Capital section:

It’s the spare laptop your parents let you use, the nice clothes you have that make an impression at a job interview, not to mention the nice manners and accent you learned along the way.

The spare laptop your parents let you use? (Followed by anti-white rhetoric. The phrase “not to mention” is supposed to introduce an additional fact or point that emphasizes a point being made. But all it achieves here is emphasis of the writer’s prejudice. The choice of “nice” as an adjective twice in the sentence also serves to patronize white people in general by associating them with an implied simplistic thinking brought on by a pampered life.) We weren’t all so lucky, you know? I went to an average school, and had no luxuries. I never worked on a computer until my early twenties when I was a student, and I paid for my own studies, because I qualified for a student loan, after inheriting nothing from my parents. (Currently I look after my mother who owns nothing of value.) I didn’t own my own computer until I was in my late twenties, and I became a computer programmer because I turned out to have an aptitude for it. I got where I am with work and effort, and a good deal of luck that I inherited an above average IQ. I was neither born with a silver spoon in my mouth, nor will I tell you in which orifice of yours to insert one, though you might guess which one I mean.

I’m not going to link to a definition of racism, but let me make this as clear as I can in my own words… If you start making generalizations and assumptions about a group of people, based on the colour of their skin, that is racism. And it’s ironic that an article about racism is written with a racist undertone. If you presume to know the thoughts and motives of a group of people, and you group them all together based on the colour of their skin, you are a racist.

To reiterate one more time because this point really needs to be hammered home (and also I have very little else to say), anyone who generalizes about others based on their “race” is being racist. Notice that I have made no sweeping statements about any groups here, yet the point comes across loud and clear.

Online I have read many racist comments where people say “Why don’t you foreigners get out of our country?” and even had an American telling me that I am not African because I’m white. I am as much African as anyone else here because this is where I was born. I don’t see anyone telling black Americans that they are not American because their skin is black. (Or white Americans for that matter. In fact the white supremacists there contrive ludicrous “alternate histories” where the white man got there first, and native Americans migrated from elsewhere. Sound familiar?)

Not every white person has lived a life of luxury, and this sentiment that comes across every so often that “we” owe others something because we happened to be born with white skin is one part of the legacy of apartheid that irks me. (So-called white guilt does not exist, by the way.) I worked for what I have. It is unfortunate that others were deprived because of the colour of their skin, but that had nothing to do with me. I may have benefited from apartheid a long time ago because I happened to be born with white skin, but I did not ask for that benefit, and I had nothing whatsoever to do with it. (Further, my preference for women with skin a little darker than my own always got me funny looks by white racists.) But hidden anti-white racism such as that made in the generalizations of the article I linked above serves no purpose, and is more transparent than you think. We are all people and all have the same rights. Justifying racism and spreading anti-white rhetoric doesn’t help anybody.

I hate writing about anti-white racism because it could so easily be taken the wrong way. I’m opposed to all racism, and have a huge issue with white racists who publish their white supremacist bullshit. There are still plenty of those here too. For example, these guys pretend to be about raising awareness of the “oppression of the white ethnic minority in South Africa”. In other words, they hide their white supremacist and racist agenda behind a Tu Quoque logically fallacious argument. It’s akin to the straw man phrase “anti-racist is a code word for anti-white” used by white supremacist bigots elsewhere.

All racism is wrong, and we should be wary of any published writing that marginalizes any racial group, and also be aware that those types of writing always masquerade as something else.

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