Personality Test

This is another post originally published on my old blog. This one parodies a “personality test”, and I wrote it on 21st January 2014, after one of my more annoying Facebook friends shared the original there. Enjoy!

There are some things I hate. One of them is waiting, for anything at all, ever. Another is stupid shares of stupid polls on Facebook and other places, which promise to gauge your personality, or your love-life, or the probability that you will step in doggy-poop or be flattened by a truck while you reshare the stupid poll via your mobile phone as you walk across the road, or whatever…

So when I logged on to Facebook to share the URL for my previous post, imagine my joy when I saw that someone had shared a meaningless personality test, which invites you to select an image and then tells you its meaning. I love to mock, so here’s my version:

Personality Test

Relax, look at the pictures, and choose what you are most attracted to, or none if you have more than half a brain. Meanings below…


None of the above: Congratulations. There is hope for you yet.

1 to 9: You are the type of person who sees patterns where no patterns exist, and finds meaning in the meaningless. You are overtly gullible. In your previous life, you were a block of cheese, but you had greater potential then than you do now, to make some mark on this world. You love life, and love talking to people, which is really sad when considering that you never understand what they are saying. You have one saving grace though: Life is always a grand adventure when you don’t know what the fuck is going on!

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