No, all whites are NOT finally excluded from the South African job market. And another story about a racist.

This is a republish of a post from my old blog, with a minor update. Since that blog isn’t visible any more, I might as well republish some of its material…

First the update. It surprises me every time, though I suppose it should not, that we still have such rampant racism in this country. On Tuesday evening, as I drank my coffee, I watched some local television…

I don’t know what the show was, and didn’t watch more than two minutes of it, but what I saw in those two minutes was an insult to my intelligence. It was a talk show, where the black female host berated a male about misogyny. Normally, I’d be supportive of such a view, but there was something decidedly wrong with her perspective. To make her point, she explained to the man that his treatment of women (I’m paraphrasing) was exactly the way white people make you feel when they believe you are inferior. (Not if, but when. She insinuated that this is how all white people feel.) She repeated this about seven times in those two minutes before I switched the TV off in disgust. This woman, apparently the host of the show, was generalizing and presuming to know the thoughts, feelings and beliefs of a whole group of people, in this case white people. By assuming all white people are racist, she is in fact racist herself. If I met a person such as her face to face, I would tell her “You are inferior. But it isn’t because you are female. It isn’t because you are black. You are inferior because you are a racist, and you don’t even know it.”

I hate racists. I don’t care what colour their skin is. I guess you could say that I am prejudiced against racists.

Here follows the rest of my original post, which is about an old school friend of mine, except that this racist is white. Like the woman, he also doesn’t know that he is a racist.

For the second time now, I’ve seen that one of my Facebook friends, who happens to live abroad, has shared this article with a title claiming that “All whites now finally excluded from the South African job market”.

I’m white, and working, so maybe I didn’t notice this happen? The company that employs me is owned by a black man, and he’s not even from this country. So what? I’ve never had any problems getting work, and I’m sure I wouldn’t have any problems if I started looking again right now. This is even after burning many bridges through several years of being a methamphetamine addict (which some people might say limits career potential). The article’s main point is that some new legislature will exclude white women from getting certain perks that only black people get. Oh, so I was already excluded from the market? Gosh. The black empowerment legislature also states that companies employ a certain number of black people. I don’t know the details, but I do know that these two subjects are conflated or merged into one somewhere in the article. That policy has never worried me. When I looked for work, I got plenty of interviews, even at BEE companies.

This is scaremongering, plain and simple. If you scroll down to the comments, and can stomach the words of gullible readers who take everything at face value, you’ll find a lot of racists using their collective common interest as a platform to make their hateful comments. Why would you be so keen to believe and share such rubbish?

When you read something like that, there’s no need to suspend your common sense. Ask yourself some reasonable questions:

  1. Is the title clickbait? (It is. That means it’s probably bullshit. Read on only if curious.)
  2. Is the title overly sensationalistic? (Yes. Why would a law exclude everybody in one racial group? The title is misleading and it’s statement is obviously untrue.)
  3. OK, so it’s criticizing the SA government. Is this criticism justified, or is it part of an agenda? (May be difficult to determine from the article alone. Proceed to final question.)
  4. Most importantly, look at the other articles on the same site. Do they all follow a similar theme? (Yes they do. This site is all about the “oppression” of white people in the post-apartheid South Africa. By calling itself uncensored it implies that the real news suppresses the truth. Besides an obviously racist agenda, we have a conspiracy here. Conspiracies are almost never true.)

It is clear from that website that they have a racist agenda. Racism always presents itself as something else. In this case it is uncensored news, with a “pro-white” agenda. Call it what you will; it is hate speech, anti-black racist bullshit. White supremacists don’t label themselves as such. Have a little common sense, please.

Yes, I have criticized the ANC quite a bit. I don’t like our president. I think he’s a criminal who got away with rape and stealing the taxpayers’ money. But it’s not because he’s black. The fact that he is black unfortunately gives racists an excuse to vent their hate speech. My criticism is always fair. I don’t identify only with other “white” people either, or with males only, or with heterosexual people only. I identify with people… Any site that is pro-white is really anti-everyone-else. (And in South Africa, probably mostly anti-black, maybe with a token “journalist” who isn’t white thrown in to give them some sense of legitimacy.) You can’t take anything they say seriously. Well crafted lies are, after all, built upon a foundation of truth. That’s what the article in question does.

Don’t believe everything you read.

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